Date And Time

Wed, November 18, 2020
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

About this Event

Learn how to stitch patterns or letters on to paper.
An informal workshop, hosted by Jane Grimshaw as part of the Virtual Thread workshops.
Jane is a costume maker for theatre and film based on the coast in Southern England. She has made sewing her livleyhood since the early 1990’s and has taught costume making and sewing for over 25 years. She is now applying much of the decorative knowladge gained over the years to these textile craft workshops.
In this workshop we will be exploring the possibilities of working with printed paper in your stitched work. Using old manuscripts and documents, pages from old books, magazines or postcards to form the basis of a stitched work. We will be examining how the printed text you select helps to inform the stitching you apply to it.
Incorporating paper into your textile work unlocks a world of possibilities and helps make your work a unique and meaningful.
To fully take part in this workshop you will need the following easy to obtain supplies.
* printed paper, from an old book, manuscript document etc. Try to find something that isn’t too fragile or thin.
* fabric to stitch paper onto
* embroidery threads
* needles, pins, embroidery scissors
*small piece of iron on lightweight interfacing, available from all haberdashery and fabric shops or easily ordered online from ebay, amazon or a small independant fabric shop.