Date And Time

Wed, March 24, 2021
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT

About this Event

Everyone has a story to tell. But some are not so good at traditional story telling. So why not tell your tale in a different way? And lets face it after this past year have we not all got something to say?
Using found objects, fabric scraps, old books and magazines we will create a unique Story Tin. Stitching them together to tell a tale.
The workshop, led by Jane Grimshaw, is a friendly and informal place for everyone from the novice stitcher to the seriously obsessed. We chat, we laugh, we make connections and have fun whilst creating story tins that will be the envy of the modern world.
Jane is highly trained in the art of wielding needles and pins. She comes from a long line of tailors that goes back three centuries. When not delivering online sewing workshops to the discerning masses, Jane makes costumes for stage productions in London’s glamorous West End, for the likes of the Phantom of the Opera and Lion King. You’ll also have seen her work on many films and television series. Teaching is in Jane’s blood: she has taught pattern cutting and costume construction in higher education for more than 25 years.
To fully take part in this workshop you will need the following easy to obtain supplies
* a small tin, such as an old fashioned tobacco tin. One with a hinge are great to use. However past students have built beautiful stories in cleaned out tuna or mackerell tins.
* fabric scraps
* small pieces of ribbons, trims, buttons, beads
* interesting images from old magazines, books, photos. Anything that will help you tell your story.
* Small pices of felt, one at least as big as your tin. If no felt is available a heavier weight of fabric will also work.
*stranded embroidery threads in a variety of colours
*small scissors
* craft glue or extra strong double sided tape.